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MenosHiras Focuses on The Value of Professional Sports for Students

Sports have always been a critical component of the curriculum at the university level. Students should be physically fit, mentally active, and emotionally healthy to focus better on their studies. Those students who regularly take part in professional sports are generally confident, patient, and have a respect for authority. From a social standpoint, they can work with others within their peer group as a team. They are even willing to be accountable for their actions and accept the consequences of their bad decisions. Moreover, they learn to take achievement and failure in their stride rather than sulking over the disappointment.

MenosHiras is a senior political science student at Stockton University in Galloway, New Jersey. He expects to complete his graduation in the coming months and is currently studying for the law school admission test (LSAT). He aspires to become a successful lawyer once he completes his education. He spends most of his time studying, keeping himself fit, performing volunteer work, and catching up with his fraternity friends. He even regularly attends the Kimisis Tis Theotoku Greek Orthodox Church and is a Greek Orthodox Youth Association member. He is passionate about playing all kinds of professional sports, particularly soccer and basketball.

He says students entering university should participate in a professional sport for the following reasons:

  • To stay mentally and physically fit

Students need to be physically fit and mentally alert to cope with the stress of university life. Fortunately, learning to play a professional sport is an ideal way for them to enhance their health. The exercise builds their immunity, stamina, strength, agility, and endurance. As a result, they are less likely to fall sick or injure themselves on the sports grounds. Moreover, this form of exercise boosts the production of the feel-good hormone called endorphins in their brains.

  • Helps them socialize

Participating in professional sports at the university level allows students to socialize with their peers. Playing in competitive events or practice sessions allows them to cultivate friendly personal bonds with their classmates. They even get invitations to attend social ‘’meet-ups’’ after every match. The relationships they form with their peers in this phase of their life endures even after they graduate.

  • Develop critical life skills

Many university students soon realize that taking part in a professional sport is not always about having fun. They need to work alongside their fellow teammates to form a cohesive unit to outplay their opponents. Almost all of them quickly learn to think and act strategically to resolve problems on the field. In the process, they learn valuable life skills like teamwork, perseverance, time management, and self-discipline.

MenosHiras sums up by saying playing professional sports are the perfect way for university students to remain physically and mentally healthy. They even get the opportunity to socialize with their peers on the playing field and develop essential life skills like team management, discipline, trust, etc. Moreover, this activity enables many of them to come out of their comfort zones. They soon discover their inherent strengths, weaknesses, and priorities in life over time, thanks to playing professional sports at the university level.