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Art Glass Tiles – From the Ordinary to the Extraordinary

The purpose of a range hood is to collect the grease, moist, smoke, odor, dirt, and other particles produced in the kitchen, whether it’s from cooking itself or from other food preparation processes. brick backsplash kitchen It is an essential piece in the kitchen to make sure that healthy and clean air is circulating around the area. The problem, however, is that unlike other smaller kitchen appliances, this can be quite bulky and obtrusive. Designing the area can be quite challenging, especially with a bulky piece which is usually a main focal point in the design. Here are some tips on how to make the range hood mesh well with the overall design.

Leave It Bare

Many modern kitchens leave the stainless vent hoods bare. This especially complements the wood cabinets and drawers adjacent to it. With this set bare, you can install a striking backsplash tiled to the ceiling. Your simple unit will look perfect with a beautiful tiled background. Creating this visual dimension will help reduce the focus on the kitchen hood itself and create an impression of a holistic design.

Enclosures that Match with the Cabinets and Drawers

Despite the popularity of bare vent hoods, many still opt to keep theirs enclosed and unobtrusive. You can match the design of the enclosure with the cabinet, drawers, and paneling to make it seem like the hood isn’t there at all. The color could be the same as the cabinets. To contrast the large enclosure of the range hood, you can make the adjacent cabinets narrower. You can also go for glass cabinets to reduce the idea of enclosed storage spaces and open up more space to lighten up the design in this particular area.

Striking/Contrasting Enclosures

There is always beauty in contrasting pieces that conclusively create a harmonious effect. A contrasting wooden vent hood enclosure can complement white cabinets and paneling. Others choose a varying color or material like faux wood or metal to achieve something rustic. Some even built arches and stone-like panels with beautiful backsplashes, which make the area look similar to a fireplace. The effect is such a stunning focal point for a kitchen design. For a natural feel, brick enclosures look stunning in kitchens too.